Monday, June 8, 2009

Rocking Horse

All I can say is Arts on The Green was GREAT on Sunday! Izzie got this beautiful rocking horse and as she was testing it out the newspaper took her picture (Oldham Era) so if it really makes it in I will scan it in and show her off of course. All I can say is she loves this thing!

Isabelle had a BIG weekend! Papa & Gamma were in town and spent the night with us Friday night and of course they spoiled her rotten while they were here!!! she loves it when they come she stayed up late and had so much fun! Sat. night Grandorie watched her for us while we attended a wedding and again she got to stay up late so needless to say she went to bed early Sunday evening! We are heading to see Papa & Gamma this week I will post pics from all our fun outings as well!


Kim said...

Love the rocking horse!!

Rhonda J said...

"I did it Momma" My heart melted when she said that. I can't believe how big she is and how well she is talking. I would love to give her a big hug. Oh my word though, it scared me when she rocked so far backwards. I know it won't tip but I am gonna be a scared Grandmother when Jeffrey starts all of that. lol