Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ear trouble again

Yes it will be 1 year Feb. 26th since Izzie got her tubes and last Saturday morning as we were getting ready to drive to PA we noticed Isabelle had blood in her left ear. So I called the doctor and our favorite doctor was there and could see us within the hour. So we rushed to get ready and get everything in the car and headed to the doctor. She could see a lot of puss in the left ear but no more blood. She was not able to see the tube but wants to recheck in a couple of weeks. Isabelle had just started antibiotic on Thurs. for the begining of a sinus infection and had 2 doses of it by Sat. morning. Dr. C said either the tube has bursted out and caused the blood or it has bursted out and the ear got infected or something blocked the tube and the ear got infected. Any of those scenarios are not great. So we will see in a couple of weeks. If it has come out and the ear already got infected then that is not good and possibly could mean another tube would need to be put in and we all know the wonderful tube experience we had last year! So we have been doing the ear drops 2x a day and staying on the antibiotics for the full 10 days! We will see what the check up shows in a couple of weeks.


Dana Dill said...

I hope she feels better with the antibiotics and that all goes well this time if she does need another tube. I had no idea that they could come out like that!
I love all her cute fall outfits. She is getting so big and looks just like her mommy. :)

Nikki said...

Wow, she has gotten so big!

Hope she is feeling okay soon..