Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating the trees & a new tradition

Yes we put the tree up early. We usually put the tree up Thanksgiving night not this year, we started early! We also started a tradition with Izzie. I will always cherish the tradition my parents started with my brother & I and to this day we still do this every year. Each year my parents gave us one special ornament now sometimes it was not an ornament, one year I got a beautiful snow globe, Rickey got a train that went around the tree one year, so it was not always an ornament but none the less it was something special that was picked out just for us individually. To this day we still get a special ornament for the tree. My mom puts a lot of thought into these because they are always unique and individualized for each person! So this year we started a tradition with Isabelle. We bought her a pink tree for her room. We got some pink ornaments for it and we also got 4 mini Disney Princess Ornaments for it. This is her princess tree so each year she will get a princess ornament to add to her room tree. This can be anything princess not just the disney princess'. It could be an ornament that says princess or a tiara etc you get the point! She is our precious little princess and she deserves a tree to fit!!!!!

She was so fun watching her eyes light up this year as we took things out and lit the tree. She was a hoot hanging ornaments I had to go behind her and remove 4 and 5 ornaments from one branch and spread them around! She was a big help and had a ton of fun. Daddy made us hot chocolate and it was a fun family night. I think she is going to love Christmas this year well maybe not sitting on Santa's lap but all the lights and stuff.

We met Martha and her grandkids at a pancake breakfast this morning and Santa was there. Izzie was not going to get her picture made with him or sit on his lap but she did wave to him and from a distance she let him know she wanted a baby doll for Christmas! So no torture this year like last year, the Christmas card will be a pretty pic by the tree instead of on Santa's lap!


CBJR Family said...

Great idea for a Christmas tradition! Izzie's tree is very cute! Sounds like a really fun night!