Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sitting On Santa's Lap

This is Isabelle sitting on Santa's lap last year Dec. 2007 (4 months old)

This is Isabelle sitting on Santa's lap today Dec. 2008 (16 months old)

She was not happy here is how it all went down!
She was fine standing in line even waving to him and was saying Santa. So we are moving along in line and I feel something warm I look down an her diaper has leaked she has peed all over me and herself. She had just drank a whole sippy cup and 1/2 of water. So I changed her in her stroller since we were almost up to Santa. Yes I sat my wet child on Santa's lap!!!!!

So we got up there I told the helper she was wet but he should be OK since it was not all over her backside. She was OK with it. So Isabelle is waving to Santa and I said "what does Santa say? She said "Ho, Ho, Ho" and so he was waving back and heard me and said "Ho, Ho. Ho". So I am thinking this might work, I walk up to Santa I put her on his lap and go to turn and get out of the way and she goes stiff and lets out a blood curdling scream. I turned back around and knelt down by Santa and she was kicking and screaming. Next thing I know Santa is looking at me and says "get her feet" so I grab her feet she was kicking and fighting to get away and Santa was not liking those cute little shoes digging into his leg. So they snapped the picture just as I asked. I told them before we walked up to take it screaming or smiling!

So here is our memory and I am sure there is one of these pics in every family at some point. It took her a few minutes but she calmed down and was fine. We then got her changed and all dry again. It is definitely a memory for Scott & I both as several times tonight we giggled and relived the chaos at the mall today!

She enjoyed Santa much more last year at 4 months old...16 months old not so much!


The Sanchez Family said...

LOVE IT! We are going today and I am sure ours will look similar!

CBJR Family said...

What a funny memory to share with Izzie some day! Did Santa know she was wet???

Rhonda J said...

That old scary Santa...... hee hee
I remember that age well, when they are scared of strange characters up close but love them from a distance. I would suggest to stay away from Disney right now too. lol She still looks cute even screaming!