Sunday, December 27, 2009

We are officially POTTY TRAINING!

Oh my what am I thinking???? Well it started with Namma. She really talked it up during this trip and got Isabelle wanting to go on the potty again. She has been interested in the past just not lately. Well Namma promised her big girl panties and when your 2 year old wakes up in the middle of the night crying "I need my panties" what do you do? So we are officially potty training. As Scott says I do nothing 1/2 way or 1 at a time it is always all in so transitioning to a toddler bed and using the potty all at the same time...I know I am INSANE but I do have to blame the potty idea on Namma! So we will see how it goes and I am sure I will update often. Today she has been in big girl panties for going on 4 hours now and no accident yet! She has used the potty 3 times (I think, actually I lost count we have been going and sitting on it often) So we will see how this goes. I pray she will be an easy train because this is 1 milestone I did not want to do. I know she can't wear diapers all her life I am just scared it will be so hard and so many accidents but oh well! Here we go!

I guess the next big thing will be to get rid of that paci!!!!