Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Yes my next post will be a year in review with pics! Last night we had a nice New Year's Eve. This is the 1st in several years we have not invited anyone over :( but that was OK. Isabelle spent the whole day with Kelly and I decided to go to work and get ready for next week. That was a spur of the moment when Kelly asked if Isabelle could spend the day with her and boy am I glad I did, I got so much done and we are ready to rock and roll Monday morning in Kindergarten! Then Kelly dropped Izzie off at Grandorie's house and Daddy and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Cattleman's Steak House! After dinner I got some yummy ice cream at Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen (LOVE IT) and then we headed to LaGrange to pick up Izzie. Very uneventful New Year's Eve but nice. Midnight rolled around and I was fighting to hold my eyes open. Talked to my family and then tried to send texts to friends (that would not go through, Scott said he got the test text over an hour later so maybe everyone was texting at midnight) and then I went to sleep! I did take one pic. This was taken when we got home right before we had to make Isabelle go to bed she was so tired! Happy New Year hoping 2010 is a GREAT year!