Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am going back to school

Yes I have enrolled in classes at Northern Kentucky University to start working on my Masters. Yes I am getting close to the deadline to renew my teaching certificate and so I needed to get started. When I graduated U of L in 2004 I was done and did not want to sit in another class for awhile. I took time to start a family yes it took longer than expected but hey it worked!

I was set up to start IWU in Oct. and they canceled the class and said to hold on for the Jan. class then less than a week before class was to start they canceled that class as well. So needless to say I went elsewhere. Hanging on with them messed me up from getting my 15 hours by the end of June for renewal but that is OK I am enrolled in 2 classes online at NKU and will have my 6 hours and will apply for the waiver. I will then enroll in the Masters program Teacher As A Leader at NKU and finish my Masters degree!

I was nervous to start back but finding a program online felt like the right fit so I was not away from Izzie so much. So far I LOVE IT! I have caught up in both classes (I registered late) and in one class I had to create a blog to use for the class! Here is the link to my new blog Going Back To School!
I am excited to get going on this new journey!