Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We tried PB&J and she did not have any reaction to the peanut butter. She has not eaten a whole lot yet but a few bites each time it was offered over the weekend. She had peanut butter & grape jelly and she has had peanut butter & Honey! I used Christmas cookie cutters to make it fun and then I got a heart shape cutter on Sunday to make a heart sandwich. Since valentines day is around the corner! So if anyone knows where I can find cute cookie cutters to use let me know she likes the cut outs and at this point we will do anything to get her to eat! She is drinking V-8 Fusion which is giving her fruits and veggies. We will sneak it in anyway we can at this point. The girl would rather starve than eat anything half way good for her or eat at all for that matter. It is not that she eats junk food she just does not eat well. So we will try anything!


CBJR Family said...

I bought a big box of cookie cutters a couple of years ago at Wal-Mart. There are lots of different shapes and sizes!

happymomof2 said...

Target $1 bin is always a good place to start for cute cookie cutters. Bed Bath and Beyond is another good place:) We have the same problem with Madelyn about eating! She is beyond picky and poor Henry will eat just about anything however he is so limited due to his food allergies:( If Izzy likes yogurt Horizon has a new kind out that has some veggies in them that are really tasty. Goldfish crackers also have cheddar veggie ones (they taste like pizza) Madelyn wouldn't eat them but I thought they were better than the reg. ones! Also have you looked at the sneaky chef or something along those lines cook book? I have one and it worked for a while until Madelyn just got ridiculous with what she will eat. She still likes the pink pancakes I make- you use beets and ricotta cheese and they are quite tasty!!! Anyhoo good luck- I would be glad to pass along some recipes and other suggestions:)

Kim said...

Very cute! I love using the cookie cutters for sandos-like you said, whatever works! And, it is time to break out the heart shape!