Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Memories

Today as Izzie was playing in the snow I looked up and she had walked around our tree and made a circle with her footprints. My heart sank as I was taken back to a snowy day in Memphis. I am not sure how old I was but Rickey was maybe kindergarten or first so I must have been 5th grade or so. It was a snowy day and no school and we stayed with Mamaw & Papaw. Mamaw let us go outside and play in the snow all bundled up and they had a tree in their yard and there was a soft white blanket of snow on the ground (pretty deep I remember) and I walked around that tree and made a circle of footprints just like Izzie did in the pic above. I then went on and left that tree alone and so did Rickey. Papaw came home from work and he said he loved seeing the circle of footprints around that tree. Now this story is really no big deal at all but seeing Isabelle walk around that tree triggered that memory of a snowy day with Mamaw & Papaw. She would get us bundled up and we played and then we would come in and I remember tomato soup and grilled cheese. Man how I miss them both. As I type this post through tears in my eyes I am so thankful for little things like this picture above that brings back those memories. I know today they smiled as they looked down from Heaven and watched Isabelle playing in the snow & I bet they remembered that day I walked around their tree in the snow.


Dana Dill said...

I know they were looking down and loving it! What a sweet story!!

happymomof2 said...

Reading your post brought tears to my eyes- what wonderful memories!!!!