Saturday, February 5, 2011

Warm Weather...In January????

 ** I do have to edit & say this weather only lasted 1 day! We are freezing with snow on the way AGAIN! Hoping the groundhog was right and early spring will be here SOON!***

Yes this was last week on Jan. 29th and it felt like spring and by the looks of Izzie's clothes she thought it was spring! For the record I DID NOT DRESS HER that way. She actually had normal Jan. clothes on and when we hot home for the grocery she stripped to play dress up! We enjoyed some much needed time outside in teh SUNSHINE! The end of last week hit Daddy with the stomach bug and he was not feeling well. Saturday he was up and around and doing better. The yucky virus carried over to Sunday has he did not have much sleep and was feeling really run down and even felt like he was having problems with his a fib (SP?) again but after a nice long 4 hour trip to the ER Sunday night/Monday morning we found out he was fine and needed fluids and rest. Then after a follow up with his regular doctor on Tuesday he is back on his BP medicine! So all is well and praying we all stay healthy!