Saturday, February 5, 2011

WHAT she is 6 months from turning 4 & starting PRESCHOOL??????

Yes you read that right. Izzie turned 3 1/2 on the 4th of Feb. I get tears in my eyes every time I think about it, she will be starting PRESCHOOL in August! Where has my baby gone and where has the time gone?

I look at pics and honestly just like it was yesterday I remember that huge belly I had the Friday night they checked me in at the hospital and the next day I was holding my tiny little miracle. I remember the days in the hospital I remember bringing her home and yes I remember the sleepless nights...I remember it all and yes I miss it but I also love were we are now.

I love that I so vividly remember every stage of her life so far. I love that I remember every milestone...I have soaked it all in! I know she has many more milestones ahead of her but can time slow down just a little?????

We are embarking on another milestone this next school year she will begin Preschool. We are super excited. We attended an Open House the other night at her new school (which I will not name on here since my blog is not private and I do not want any creepers finding out where my baby is all day- sorry yes I am that paranoid mommy). Anyway the night before we talked about going and she started crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said "what if I am shy and have no friends? I know all my old friends" Well I just started crying and telling her she will make so many new friends and we already knew Kendrick would be there and Jace so she would know a few people! Then I laughed through my tears and said "when have you ever been SHY". I could not believe at 3 she was thinking about that and worried!

So we went to open house and Scott & I love the school and so did Isabelle. She will get art, music, P.E., library, computer & Spanish.  I know she will love it and make so many new friends. We are so excited for the new adventure but this also means we are truly one step closer to Kindergarten...yes she will be in Kindergarten before we know it, I have to STOP blinking! 

The pic above was taken right before we left to go to open house! She looks so cute in her Matilda Jane's!


The Mom said...

I love her outfit!!!! She is so cute!