Saturday, October 8, 2011

1st Dental Appointment

Well last week Isabelle went to the dentist for the 1st time. Do I wish I had taken her at 3...YES! She did not get the best report but as people have been telling me some kids just get them. Yes CAVITIES! She has 3  they will fix. She actually has 5 but 2 are very minor and they will just watch and since we THREW ALL THE GUMMIES AWAY, they will probably reverse themselves! Yes the gummies are bad bad bad! I was devastated I let my child eat gummies and I know we all do but after last week Isabelle will not touch another gummy or sticky fruit roll up again. I will forever be a mommy advocate against gummies now! She brushes her teeth everyday and most days we did morning & night (sometimes we would miss bedtime ) but not anymore! Bless her heart she wants to brush after lunch at school!

I hate it for her and I guess it was so hard for me to wrap my brain around considering I am 36 years old and I have only ever had 1 cavity in my entire life! They did paint the fluoride treatment on and we will continue to have those each cleaning every 6 months! So on Nov. 3rd they will attempt to fill the worst cavity using laughing gas and then make the appointment for the other 2 small ones, like I said the other 2 will be watched over time. Hoping they stop their damage since we have changed some things! Hoping they are able to fill them with laughing gas so she does not have to be sedated. I will update when the time rolls around! Meanwhile she did great for her 1st visit (I did too and held it together until I got home after all the bad news). Here are some cute pics of her having her teeth cleaned! Prayers for Nov. 3rd are greatly appreciated!