Sunday, September 4, 2011

What have we been doing??????

Life got really busy when school started back as it always does! Isabelle LOVES preschool. She even wants to go on Saturdays! Scott & I are so happy with our choice to send her and love to hear all about her new adventures everyday! She loves her teacher and new friends. She is already learning so much! :) School for me started off with a bang. I have found out in the past week that I have plantar faciitis or heel pain, and pain it is! I am on steroids to reduce the inflammation and doing exercises and wearing better supported shoes. I go back in 2 weeks and we will discuss other options like will my insurance cover the expensive custom orthotics????? Anyway I am doing better by wearing better shoes but when you are on your feet all day teaching the pain never goes away! So we are moving right along each and everyday. Isabelle got about 4 inches of her hair cutoff and it looks so cute. Just one more realization that my baby is not a baby anymore *sniff sniff*! Isabelle started dance again. We are dancing at a new place this year and pretty excited that she will have 2 recitals instead of just one! One in the winter and one in the spring. She loves it so far and it is at our church which is better for traveling etc! So I will quit rambling and show you recent pics!

Izzie playing hopscotch! She drew it all on her own!

Izzie in her 1st dance class of the year!

New Haircut!

Rachel & Lindy came over for a play date

So we have been here just busy! Getting ready for good fall weather! Hoping to be outside more as the weather cools off and fall sets in (our favorite season)!


Nikki said...

Hopscotch pics are just too cute!

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