Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

I know I have been a bad blogger once again. I have a lot to share since my last post some good and some sad. This is not the post for that. This is the post to share that today Jesus has risen! We started our Easter with a trip to Papa & Nama's house. We dyed eggs, the Easter Bunny hopped by and we had a wonderful Easter service at a local church in PA today. We finished the evening off with an egg hunt in the back yard that made little Miss Izzie $30 richer!!!!!! :) Enjoy the pics. I promise to get back to blogging for those that keep up with our family. I also promise to share the past few months of heartache from losing our adoption but also the way we have chose to handle our heartache and turn it into something positive for us as a family by getting healthy and letting go and knowing God has this under control!