Monday, June 24, 2013

Ears Pierced

Isabelle has been asking for awhile now to get her ear's pierced. Well the usual answer from me is "you have to ask your daddy" and daddy's answer is "not until you are older." Well she had it in her head 10 was older and says "I know not until I am 10." Now even with that it does not stop her from asking all the time.
Well Saturday we were at the mall and once again she asked and I gave my usual answer and this time daddy did not give his usual. We were all shocked, so Isabelle decided she wanted to think about it as we shopped. So she did and as we were leaving we went in Claire's and she decided yes she wanted to do it!
She picked out Hello Kitty earrings and she got up in the chair all smiles. She was so excited. So they marked the spots, I told them they had one shot and they had to do both ears at the same time. They did and she was not so sure when they got all ready and the countdown began. They pierced them, her eyes got big and tears started flowing. She did so good only cried for about 2-3 minutes and it was not a freak out cry! Once she stopped crying she got excited and LOVED them!