Saturday, August 10, 2013

1st Grade

How is this even possible?!?!?! This was her first day of First grade on Wed. with her teacher, Mrs. Kuerzi.

We are very excited for her to have Mrs. Kuerzi this year. She is a close personal friend and colleague and a wonderful teacher. Isabelle is in great hands with her! Moving Isabelle over to public school last year was the best decision we made. She was in great hands with Mrs. Allan last year who is also a close personal friend, colleague and wonderful teacher and she is in great hands this year! We are excited for this year of school for Isabelle. Because of the change we made in January moving her from the private school to public school after we were not seeing much progress in her learning, Isabelle progressed so much with Amy in Kindergarten. I truly feel Izzie really only had a half of year of Kindergarten since the first half was so disappointing for us. She made leaps and bounds in that second semester but it was quick and hard for her. She worked hard and did great but in her little eyes she feels like it was so hard and she feels like she struggles. Izzie does not struggle but her confidence in her learning is a struggle. So after talking with Mrs. Kuerzi our goal this year is to change that in her little head for her!!!!! She will have an awesome year!!!!

Yes she had a birthday last week and so I know you are waiting on birthday pics! I promise to get those on here in the next few days!!!!!