Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2nd Ultrasound 8 wks 5 days

We are so excited, I am amazed at the difference between the 2 ultrasounds and in only 2 weeks time. I know it is hard to make out so I have it labeled for you! It has a head and little arm buds and legs and a good heartbeat. Dr. Scheiber said the baby was very active and moving around during the ultrasound. My horomone levels were great so they are beginning to wean me off my medicine and by 12 weeks I will be off of it all YEAH! Dr. Scheiber said I was right on target for my Aug. 17th due date. He was very pleased with my progress and has let me go back to my OB here in KY! Although we are so grateful to IRH and will miss them all dearly we are excited to NOT have to travel for appointments! I see Dr. Basham on Feb. 5th! Words can not express how excited we are and we can not wait until August gets here!


Mills N. Sublett said...

YEA!!! I can see him/her MYSELF and did not have to ask Dr. Wes to explain it to me, even though I'm SURE I'll get a lecture later. Keep us posted!!! Love you BOTH!!!