Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Belly Pic 10 wks 5 days

OK I know it is probably hard to see on a pic! I obviously had a pooch before the positive pregnancy test but if you could feel how tight it is getting and it is sticking out more. Before I could suck it in and now there is no sucking in. So that pooch below my belly button is my "bump" growing each and every day! I am in the middle of my third month almost a whole trimester behind me can you believe it? I can't! I am slowly loosing what waist I had so I feel in the next few weeks you will really be able to see the belly popping out! Believe me I see it since the jeans no longer button!!!!


Kim said...

You look great! And sooo happy! I love it!

Mills N. Sublett said...

How wonderful! I just wish I had an excuse!!!!!!! Love!

Rhonda J said...

Jodie: I see it! I see the little bump. Hooray! I can't wait until I see a giant bump." I love you and miss you terribly!
Love, RJC