Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baby Bash Reunion 2007

Dr. Scheiber with Izzie & Me!

The Baby Bash was Great & HOT HOT HOT! Izzie started out in her pretty little outfit and boy am I glad I took pis of her in it at home because as soon as we got there I stripped her down and put her in her Hungry Caterpillar onesie because it was so hot. Who knew it would be 90 degrees in October! We had a fun time, we got to see
Dr. Scheiber and talk to him. Then we took the hayride to the pumpkin patch where we took a pic of Izzie on a pumpkin. I got a picture of my Pumpkin sitting on a pumpkin! Then we were in the IRH (Institute for Reproductive Health) group photo which I think we will get a copy of from them! We saw a lot of triplets, twins and singles! We saw 1 baby that looked to be 1 month old and several around Izzie's age but most were at least 6 months or older. It was neat to see the older kiddos. There was this one set of triplets they looked to be 3 or 4 and they had on shirts that said Thing 1 Thing 2 & Thing 3 (2 girls and 1 boy)they were too cute. It is amazing all the lives that have been touched by these 2 doctors and their wonderful staff! We along with so many other families would not have our little miracle without them! They are awesome & have a great success rate I will recommend them to anyone looking into help with infertility! After all that adventure and talking with some other IRH patients while on the hayride and sharing stories we headed home. It was a great time. I took some pics of Isabelle smiling on the way home as I talked to her and then of course some pics of her falling asleep on the ride home! It was a great day and I am so glad we went. The next one is in 2009 and she will be 2 years old!


Natasa said...

Hi Jodie, Scott and Izzie, i really love her smile, she is very happy baby and she is soooo cute...I wish I had a little one too, hehe....Good luck and you all take care.
Natasa and Pat