Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Another snow day another day off of school. I love it right now but come the end of May I will be wishing we did not have these days off! We were off yesterday for snow and again today the roads were icy this morning and then it started snowing again it is that pretty snow coming down right now. Here are the pics mom I know you miss the snow but I am so jealous you do not have the cold weather! I can't wait for Spring!

Just some random pics taken yesterday and this morning. Isabelle and I could get used to Mommy staying home! *Oh yes on a side note Daddy has an interview on Thursday, please pray for him and this job we really need this. Thanks in Advance*


Kim said...

So jealous of all the snow! Send some of it to us!
Saying a special prayer that Scott's interview goes well and the job works out!
Let us know!!