Friday, April 18, 2008

Bedtime Update

Well it is working! First an update to Wed. night/Thurs. morning, she cried out a couple of times and was able to find her own paci or whatever she stayed asleep. She woke around 3AM and took a bottle. Scott put her back to bed and oh my she did it all over again crying and crying and crying for an hour. Oh I was so tired that day.

Thursday night she was so tired she went right down no problem. Her nose was yucky and I think she was just under the weather. Anyway she went right to sleep. She woke up around 11pm because she could not breathe her nose needed suctioned so Scott handled all that and said she went right back down. Again she woke up at 3AM and took a bottle. Scott put her down and she started to cry, I went in and patted her back for a second and gave her the paci she had spit out and she went to sleep! :)

Friday night I put her in bed after seeing her rub her eyes several times and grabbing her snuggly and wanting me to hold her and putting her head down on my shoulder. She started to cry and was up in her bed. I gave it a few minutes went in kissed her head and told her I loved her and laid her down in her bed and gave her the paci, patted her back covered her up and I walked out...SHE WENT TO SLEEP NO CRYING! YEAH we are making a break through and yes it is working. It is amazing how quick she catches on when you stay consistent with her routine!

*It is Sat. morning and I thought I would share the night. Yes she stayed down after me going in only 1 time. She woke up at midnight just because of her nose. Daddy suctioned her nose she went right back to sleep. She cried out a couple of times needed a little help finding the paci. I woke up at 7:20AM shocked she was still asleep of course I had to go and check to see if she was breathing. All was good and little bit did not wake up until 9:10AM! WAY TO GO ISABELLE! This is the kind of sleep she did back at 4 & 5 months old, YEAH Izzie Keep it up!!!!!*


CBJR Family said...

Way to go, Izzie!!! AND way to go Mommy and Daddy for sticking with it!

JessicaChambers said...

Good job Collins Family! Way to get some shut eye!

The Sanchez Family said...

Way to go Izzy! It gives me some hope! I am going to have to start all over again tomorrow since my husband can't stand to hear him cry and has ruined him all weekend!!