Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our 1st FEVER

Where do I start...yesterday morning Izzie did not seem to be feeling that great. She felt warm to me but no fever. So we went on to school and she went to Beth's. So I told Beth if she gets a temp. call me etc. So about 9:20AM Beth called and she was registering 100.8. So I got a sub and went to get her and took her to the doctors office. So we saw Dr. Collins and her temp. was 99 in the office after Tylenol. Her ears were clear her lungs sounded good. She could not find anything and blamed it on her teeth, one seems to finally be popping through up top. She said the cough was just from drainage. So I had a training I needed to attend at school so I met Scott who was on his way home and passed her off to him and he was going to give her Motrin.

I got home and she was asleep, she was still so warm when I got home. So after about an hour and a half after talking to Doris and her seeing her I decided to go back to the doctor at 7pm (our docs are open until 9pm 3 nights a week) So we headed back up there. She was so pitiful crying and grunting like she was in pain and unable to get comfortable and did I mention she was on fire and this was after Motrin & another dose of Tylenol. You could just see she did not feel well her eyes looked bad. So we finally get called back and her temp. is 102.6. WHAT my baby was almost 103 degrees...WHAT this is more than teeth. So we saw Dr. Price and she checked ears again etc. She then sent us for a chest x-ray just to make sure there was not something hiding. So we headed over to the hospital and had the chest x-ray.

& Dr. Price called back right after we got home and the x-ray was normal thank goodness so we were to just treat the fever and try to get it down overnight. So she had another round of TylenolMotrin and we put her in a warm bath. This brought it down it was under 101. So yeah it was coming down or so we thought.

So she was tired and she still had not taken much food or formula. So we tried some formula the doctor said that was fine and then YUCK she PUKED. So it was 1AM she was over 101 again and had just puked. So we did another bath and she just cried. She had another dose of Tylenol at 1AM and Motrin was not due until 4AM. She was not comfy at all. She fell asleep so we tried to catch some ZZZ's. Well it did not last long for daddy. She was up and crying and he comforted her until about 3:30AM and the I took over so he could sleep.

dose) So at 7AM she was still pretty warm so I gave her the She fell asleep on my chest on the couch and we slept until 7AM (oops right through MotrinMotrin and I gave her 3 oz and she kept it down and thankfully her fever broke. She feels a tad warm but for the first time she is sitting in the floor looking at her books. She still has the cough and her nose is icky, but I finally see some SMILES! So we are just hanging out today and seeing how it goes. Hopefully she is on the mend. The doctor is supposed to call later and check and see how she is. So I will let ya know how the day goes.

I guess not having our 1st big fever until 8 months is pretty good but WOW mommy did not like it being that high and her feeling so bad. She has no appetite so hopefully that will get better. She has to have those fluids!


Kim said...

Aww-poor Izzie (and Mommy!)
That is scary that her fever was so high. Glad it is going down. Take care of that sweet baby and hope she's back to herself soon.

CBJR Family said...

Poor Izzie! It's so terrible when they feel bad and there's not much you can do to help them feel better. Hopefully she will be back to her happy little self very soon!!

The Sanchez Family said...

Izzy we hope you feel better soon!!

JessicaChambers said...

Glad she is on the mend. Hope you all have a peaceful night tonight!

Rhonda J said...

Poor poor baby. I hope she feels better soon!

Carrie & Sean said...

I am glad to hear Izzie is feeling much better and hope you all get some rest. Savannah has ran some high fevers with her teeth and ears. It's very scary and the Dr.'s just don't seem to mind.