Friday, December 12, 2008

Adorable...Love The Hat & An Update On Ears

I took Isabelle yesterday (Thurs.) for a follow up on her last ear infection and the right ear (which was the infected one in Nov.) was clear and looked good, but the left ear had fluid in it. It was not infected YET but has potential to become infected. Right on time if it does get infected she is due for ear infection #4 next week by our time line! So we have our ENT consult Tues. morning. Looks like we will be getting tubes and I am happy because I want her to feel better and I am tired of going to the doctor EVERY month and her being on antibiotic every month for 10 days.

We have also noticed her falling more in the past couple of weeks. She has been very clumsy and the fluid hanging around in her ears could definitely be contributing to that. So I will update Tues. on the appointment and when her tubes will be put in. I will be glad to kiss these ear infections GOOD-BYE!!!!!