Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow & Sick girl again this year

Yes all to familiar. Last year when the ice storm hit Isabelle was very sick throughout that week. Our first significant snow and no school today or tomorrow and we have a sick little girl. We have been anticipating the snow all week and last night was an ordinary night she was fine until about 1AM she woke up and puked everything she had in her up throughout the night and morning. She could not hold water down. So we called the doctor and they got us in quick and we saw our favorite Dr. Collins. They swabed her for strep and it was negative. She was running a low grade fever at the office but diagnosis was stomach bug. She said they were seeing it a lot and it was miserable for 12-24 hours and then all is well again. So she gave us phenergan suppositories and drops for her ear (to fill if we see any drainage since she was complaining that her ear hurt). So after leaving the doctor then we took daddy to the urgent care he has been fighting a cold for 2 weeks just like I did and was tired of it and needed meds. So now he has them and is on the mend as well. We got home got all the meds filled (let's just say I got 250 Kroger gas points because of prescriptions today). This is what I found when I got home she was so tired only having a few hours of sleep.

She woke up not long after I got home and we gave her some pedialyte mixed with kool-aid and her medicine and in 10 minutes this is what we saw...

right back out. She slept for about 3 hours and then woke up and had held down the pedialyte. I was able to get her to eat a piece of bread (would not eat the crackers) and drink more pedialyte/kool-aid. She stayed on the couch watching TV and then I gave her a bath and I think that helped make her feel a bit better ( I know it always helps me). She played with her legos and blocks for a little while and we read some books and she was talking more.So I think she is on the mend. I gave her another dose of medicine just to help hold everything down tonight and she is now snoozing beside me on the couch! So we are out of school again tomorrow the snow is pretty! Hopefully we can enjoy the snow day tomorrow maybe even get dressed in her snow suit & boots and play in it for a few minutes. Until then I have a few pics of the snow from today.