Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 Mother's Day 2010

My sweet girl woke me up this morning by giving me a kiss and saying "I love you mommy". Now that is the best way to wake up even if it is at 6:30AM and the alarm was set for 8AM! So her and I got up and daddy had to work over so he came in a little after 7AM and he called Izzie into the other room. See last Saturday they went shopping for a little while and gave me some alone time to rest! Well they did Mother's Day shopping! So Izzie signed the card and brought it into me. I opened a sweet card she picked out and a "gift card" as Izzie called it for FARMVILLE! Yes I love it!!!!! I was so excited to redeem the card for FV cash!!!! At daycare Izzie made me a sweet card and it had a cute necklace in it of a little girl and said "I love you mommy" It has been a WONDERFUL mother's day! So as tradition has it for us we took a pic of Izzie and I together this morning before church! Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommies out there!
 So as always here are pics from Mother's Day Past with links to there own posts! My how she has grown!


Trish said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Kim said...

Love the progression pics!
Oh-you are right-the my favorites +1 did make it sound like a new baby. I went and changed it to My favorite pics + 1!!! Don't want ANY confusion!